Christian Bale Reveals Why Thor 4's Gorr Is Easier To Play Than Batman

 Christian Bale is without a doubt one of the greatest actors of all time and the reason that it is easy to make this claim is because Bale has acted in a wide range of movies and roles throughout his career. He has done some serious acting in mega films, he has done cult classics and he has also crossed over to the mainstream to don capes of superheroes and such.

In the world of Superheroes, Bale has also experienced all the different opportunities on offer. He has played DC Comics' iconic superhero The Batman in Christopher Nolan's amazing Dark Knight trilogy and more recently he has also crossed over to the Marvel side of things where he played a villain called Gorr The God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder directed by Taika Waititi. These are two movies, directors, franchises and roles that are poles apart from one another hence Bale's range is undeniable.

But since it is known that Bale can do it all, the question arises is what does that actor prefer to do himself? Does he like the surge of righteousness which comes with donning a cape or the maniacal feeling that comes with playing a well-written villain?

Bale has recently stated his thoughts on the matter and he is not conflicted at all. The actor says he loves to play a villain. Bale says not only is a villain more fun to play, but in his opinion, it is also more easier to play the villain.

Bale's exact remarks on the subject are as follows:

"They do, absolutely. They not only have more fun, but they're easier to play. Because everybody is fascinated with bad guys, right? The minute the bad guy walks on the screen, no one's looking at the good guy anymore. All eyes go to the bad guy, so it's a much easier acting gig."

Bale's Gorr is definitely dead in the MCU and Christopher Nolan does not seem to have any intention to continue his Batman trilogy. Will fans ever get to see Christian Bale in another iconic super hero/villain role again? Only time will tell.

Fans were excited when Bale was announced to be joining the MCU as Gorr the God Butcher. But excitement turned to annoyance for some as details of Thor: Love and Thunder's Gorr depiction fully came to light. Shown as a very alien creature in the pages of comic books, Gorr was radically changed for the Thor movie, becoming much more recognizably human and in many ways much less strange.

Fans of the original Marvel Comics depiction of Gorr were indeed vocal in expressing their displeasure with the alterations that were made to the character for his debut in the MCU. But Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige recently spoke out to defend the reasoning behind the Gorr changes. According to Feige, making Gorr comics-accurate in Love and Thunder would have required extensive use of motion-capture and CGI. And taking that approach would have had the negative effect of diminishing Bale’s ability to give a fully-rounded performance.

Choosing to change Gorr the God Butcher’s design was in essence a choice of performance over accuracy. And ultimately it was the correct choice. A CGI-heavy Gorr might have more closely resembled the character’s comics appearance, but the world would have missed out on what turned out to be a very strong and complex Bale performance. Gorr as depicted in Thor: Love and Thunder is a grief-stricken man who is given the chance at vengeance, only to come back to his humanity in the end. Allowing Bale to portray this range of emotions, creating a scary but redeemable bad guy, gave the movie an emotional weight that helped balance off its more madcap and comical moments. Bale clearly enjoys playing bad guys, and thankfully Thor 4 afforded him the chance to actually use his acting skills in bringing one to life, instead of leaning on the crutch of CGI.


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